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"Jean’s very knowledgeable in concepts and tools. Her passion for her work really comes across, particularly when she’s talking about organizational learning concepts.  She explains models really well; translates them at appropriate learning moments (vs teaching the model just because it’s on the agenda at a certain time.)  She handles resistance from people well; she exhibits no defensiveness when people resist learning models/tools.  She stays  very present in a conversation and facilitates it well."

Healthcare Training Center Manger

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Strategy Development

  • Learning Center, Faith-based health consortium
  • IT (Global) Strategic Staffing, Fortune 50 Energy Company
  • Sustainability Community, Fortune 50 Automotive Manufacturer
  • Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, DoD
  • Business Sector, Fortune 50 High-Tech Company

Organizational Assessment & Alignment

  • IC Manufacturer
  • Fortune 50 High-tech Company
  • Wisconsin School District

Meeting Design and Facilitation

  • SoL
  • DoD (multiple entities)
  • Wisconsin School District

Built into almost all engagements

  • Wisconsin School District
  • DoD

Teaching/Leadership Development
Built in to all engagements & interventions

  • Fortune 50 High-Tech Company
  • IC Manufacturer
  • University CA, Davis


Appreciative Inquiry Summit Methodology, Corporation for Positive Change


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