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"I am well aware that you came on board under significant time constraints and with little advance notice. I have been impressed with how quickly you gained the trust and confidence of all the participants, as well as the leaders of all three organizations. You always remained focused on the product, not just the process, and kept us moving forward in our efforts. In the course of this period, you planned and executed five workshops, in three different locations, each with a separate theme, but all linked to a single purpose. You constructed them to work iteratively towards an actionable conclusion, which indeed they did. Looking back on it, your success is evident; only five months ago, none of us were in a position to even entertain a discussion on the sorts of recommendations which we ultimately produced."

Lt. General (ret)
E.P. Smith
US Army

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As a sailor, I've learned to continuously and consistently scan, sense, monitor, and adjust to changing conditions. I apply this skill in all contexts, with high sensitivity and acknowledged accuracy. As a sailboat racer, I thrive on the thrill of competition, always striving to better myself and those around me in performance competence.

In my consulting practice, I have been privileged to do work in a wide range of industries, including high-tech, energy, IC manufacturing, defense, education, auto manufacturing, and health-care. In all these different contexts, I've been able to step into their organization, quickly learn the nuances of 'their' language, communicate effectively, and engage fully. As a natural networker, boundary-spanner, and connector, I can quickly step into the role of both organizational coach and individual coach, relating to the needs of both.  Because of my technical background, and my further work in the human performance and social technologies the last 15 years, I’m able to relate the need for values-based competencies (relationships, communications, reflective thinking) facilitating taking effective action, driving to the desired results and outcomes.

I am passionate about helping individuals and teams be successful, optimizing their effectiveness within the organization they are a part of.  Every organization has it’s own culture, either by default or by design.  To help individuals and teams be the most effective, I help them balance their understanding of how 3 components are interdependent:  their individual leadership practices and competencies (this is different than management practices, and can be demonstrated by anyone in any organization), the norms the team establishes for interacting and driving toward success, and the organizational structures within which they are functioning.  All 3 of these characteristics are happening within their organization’s culture.

30 years at HP, in a wide range of functions and roles, coupled with my sailing and my natural curiosity, have taught me how to be adept at 'reading' an organization, and it's members. This enables me to quickly assess it's strengths and challenges, and facilitates translating organizational strategy into organizational development needs. As a natural systems thinker, I naturally and quickly identify the structural and organizational, as well as individual, impediments to progress, and the leadership challenges that need expanding or developing.

As a natural leader and extremely effective verbal and written communicator, I need little direction, once the objective is clearly understood. I bring strong organizational, prioritization and problem solving skills to any project, and have managed a wide range of very complex projects with ease and grace. People like working with me, and I with them. I've never met anyone I couldn't learn something from.

In all work, I practice uncompromised integrity and work ethics while consistently focusing on desired business outcomes. These practices always result in highly satisfied customers, who have willingly provided glowing references.

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